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     The World of Mime Theatre (WMT) lists links to many websites throughout its pages. These links are listed by category, such as artists, organizations, schools, etc. The Websites page is specifically for websites whose focus on the art of Mime is too general to fall under any one category. (Most Mime-related websites will fall under one particular category, and as WMT expands to include more categories of information, even some of the few general sites may eventually be reclassified.)
     In order to maintain the focus of its listings on Mime Theatre, WMT does not list all websites that feature some information on Mime, nor websites whose focus is broader than the art of Mime (such as physical theatre), nor websites whose focus is another art altogether (even if it could be considered related to Mime).
     WMT promotes Mime as a theatrical art, and therefore lists websites whose focus is primarily theatrical performance rather than street performance.

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